Vision roller blinds and net curtains

custom window treatments Aberdeen

Vision roller blinds (day and night) and net curtains or curtains can create desirable window treatment. Our vision blinds are extremely effective in blocking daylight when you need it and also allow light into your room. Moreover, innovative technology of rolling materials, one see-through vertical net curtains and other block out curtain. You can adjust length and the same way change the look of vision blind.
Collaboration of practical (vision blind) and decorative (curtain or net curtain) is very popular amongst our customers. Those in doubt, which one to go for, roller blinds or curtains can finally have them both! This new way of window treatments allows you to experiment with textures and colours. You can keep it mono- same colour roller blinds and curtain or mix different colours. In our collection you can find number of decorative curtains and net curtains that will create luxurious atmosphere in your room, whilst roller blinds would cover practical part of window treatment.

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