Vision Blinds

vision blinds curtains

Vision Blinds or so called Day and Night blinds have been out for many years. Because of its simplicity of use and design, many people made use of them in their households. However very effective in blocking sun light, there was a need for new more innovative design. That’s how Day and Night vision blinds were designed. Day and Night roller blinds operate like your regular blinds but instead of singe piece of fabric, they have two running behind the other. The fabrics have horizontal stripes, one solid stripe and one voile stripe. By pulling and matching voile stripes you will allow more light into the room, and same with solids fabric, when pulled matching will block the sunlight and provide privacy.
As these blinds become more popular in the UK and Europe, new designs are emerging to suit costumer demands. There are variety of colours and designs available.
Because of its versatility and innovation, day and Night blinds are more popular than original roller blinds. To visualise thy way those blinds work, check our online shop and website for inspiration

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